3 tips on taking amazing photos of your properties

Property photography is a skill that you need to master in. You need to be artistic, at the same time you need to know about the scientific aspect of it. Here are some tips that can help you in taking amazing photos of your properties.

1. Use the right equipment

You must have some equipment for doing property photography. For example, wide-angle lens, tripod, flash, etc. For wide-angle lens, you can go for Canon’s 10-22mm or 10-18mm and Nikon’s 10-24mm are perfect. These lenses zoom out far enough to make rooms look large and spacious. Using a tripod, you can eliminate the risk of camera shake when taking a shot. A good quality flash is a must for property photography.

2. Master your settings

It is better to keep your ISO on 100 or 200 as default. This makes sure that the images are free of any unnecessary grain or noise. Set the aperture at f/8 and work from there. You should adjust your shutter speed accordingly. Adjust the flash power depending on the natural light.

3. Learn effective composition

You should identify the best view points from a room. It is better to photograph a room from more than one view point. This lets you review your images later and make a decision on which perspective works best.

When taking photos, it is important to prepare your room. Make sure the room is not cluttered. Having the perfect light is also important in real estate photography. In photography, practice and experience is very important. Practice as much as you can and take inspiration from other real-estate photographers.