5 features of great architecture

A good building should be solid, useful and pleasing. These are the basic attributes of a good building. For a great architecture, the following features are important.

Use environment friendly material for construction


Nowadays, people not only consider the aesthetic appeal of a building, but its functional aspect as well. Buildings that are constructed with environment friendly material are considered to be good. For example, using timber instead of steel can save lots of energy during the construction process; using hemclad for the external walls which acts as an insulator and absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere, etc.

Provide more than what clients ask for


Great architects create designs that give clients more than they ask for. If the building is designed with love and attention then the outcome will exceed the requirement and the final result will be much better than expected.

Meets the test of time


A great architecture will never look boring or out of fashion. So, great buildings are good to look at now, and will still look good after five, fifty or even hundred years.

Delight passers-by and users


A great architecture make you want to look at it. The passers-by must feel something special by looking at the building. Those who are using the building must also find it pleasing and functional.

Represent value for money


Value for money is making the best from whatever is available. Construction materials must be chosen carefully to accommodate them within the budget, yet not compromising their quality.

These features make a great architecture. Barry Harley, an architectural photographer in northern virginia says “An architect should keep these in mind when constructing a building or other structures.”