Ian ParsfieldI’m Ian Parsfield, an expert in taking photos of architectural properties and real estate. My business is based in Kent, UK. My passion for photography grew when I was a young boy. I started off with a 35mm point and shoot camera. I loved to take pictures. When the digital camera came out, my enthusiasm towards photography increased. My family members have always encouraged me in taking photos. So, it wasn’t a hard decision to take up photography as my career.

Initially, I did all sorts of photography. But in 1999, one of my friends advised me to focus on taking photographs of real estates. I could also see the prospect in this field. So, I started my own business ‘Ian Parsfield Photography’ the next year.My objective is to provide high quality property photography and floor plans to property industry and property professionals. Over the years I have gained good reputation in this field by providing stunning photographs to my clients. If you are in the real estate business, or simply want to take the picture of your beautiful house, then please get in touch.