My Exciting Photo Shoot at Arlington Power Washing Company for Their New Premises

Last week, I had a wonderful photo session with the guys from Arlington Power Washing Company. The photo session was focused on creating a realistic floor plan for their new premises and also to do a 360 shoot to show their facilities and advertise their services on their website. The guys were great and we had a lot of fun. I would like to share some highlights from this shoot and explain what we did to prepare for the shoot.

First, we had to stage the premises. Everything was already looking great, but we needed to add some oomph. With some small changes and additions here and there, the place was ready for its close-up.

Second, I had to decide what it is that I want to focus on and what the important and striking features of the premises were. After identifying my focal points, it was much easier to plan the rest of the shoot. There were so many great things to capture, that I couldn’t decide what to keep and what to let go.

Third, I had to prep the staff for their roles. I like taking photos when people are busy with the job that we are advertising. Action photos always look great. So, I asked them to do several activities that they do on a normal day and I just starting shooting pictures. It was great fun and we had a lot of laughs.

At this point, I had almost 500 great shots of the premises and the staff in action. The next step was to get some more focused photos on equipment, signage, and wide shots. I let everyone get back to work and started touring the rest of the facility in search of golden photo opportunities. I always love this part because I never know what I will find.

The last part of the photo session was to get a 360 overview of the whole facility. Once the staff had gone home, I could walk through the whole facility and record the interior. I also took some pictures of the floor space in the new building to help them with designing the best possible facility. This brought me to end of the photo session. I truly enjoyed my day at Arlington Power Washing Company and look forward to future sessions with them.

Now, the big part of my job starts. The last stage of photography is to sift through the hundreds or thousands of photos taken and find the best ones. My second favorite part of the job is to edit the pictures to make them pop more. Once the sifting and editing process was done, I sent the final products to Arlington Power Washing to choose which ones they would like. They loved all of them.

That was my day at the Arlington Power Washing Company and it was a great success and another wonderful experience. Visit my page again for more stories about my interesting photo shoot opportunities.